At Results, we have lots of powerlifting-specific equipment that will help you prepare for your competition!

With multiple platforms, power racks and bench presses, Results Gym is the ideal facility for the budding powerlifter.

We understand the importance of good quality, reliable barbells. Our standard powerlifting bar is the Texas Power Bar, but other quality barbells are available if required.

We also own a number of specialist bars to advance your training;

  • Texas Deadlift Bar
  • Ironmind Buffalo bar
  • Safety Squat Bars
  • Olympic Football Bar
  • Fat bars
  • Trap Bars

We also have our own Monolift integrated into the custom fabricated squat rack.

Our quality Glute-ham raise makes a great addition for those needing strength in those areas.

We also have a wide of bands and chains for training with accommodating resistance.

Along with a host of other equipment, we have a number of knowledgeable members who do not mind giving you a spot for those big lifts!


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