Saturday, 20 January 2018 at 9:00–12:00

Helping you to achieve a strength & flexibility that can be enjoyed from a multitude of positions.

Knowing that most barbell programmes are limited in scope requiring mobility work to compensate, the selections of Lifts used at Kama Sutra Barbell will allow any and all to gain mobility in step with strength: in other words one does not exceed the other.

Using the training information of a National and World record holder of various Olde Time Strongman Lifts (you know Lifts such as one hand snatches, Side Press , Steinborn Lift, Jefferson Lift….oh you don’t know what those kind of Lifts are? We do and so will YOU when you are finished our seminar) that have had over a century of testing and results worldwide, participants are able to quickly fix mobility issues whilst unlocking the strength held back by those mobility issues. What this means, is that the lifter will notice a sharp increase in strength simply by removing the mobility roadblocks to that strength. In addition to this, these Olde Time Strongman Lifts that we have selected will help correct postural and alignment issues allowing the participants to have more energy overall. Since most of the Olde Time Strongman Lifts use the entire body, isolation movements won’t be needed as often. The variety of the Olde Time Strongman Lifts allows the lifter to fill in many gaps with a few movements. The real “magic” of the Olde Time Strongman Lifts is how the weights force the mobility to happen quicker than using bodyweight alone. This allows lifters to make drastic improvements in mobility in a fraction of the time. This leads to a greater sense of empowerment over your body’s abilities and YOUR ability to keep your body aligned and healthy.

So if you’re ready to gain a lot of strength and regain a lot of mobility as you learn some of the most interesting and challenging Lifts you’ve ever come across, we can’t wait to hear from you!

James & Kirsten
Kama Sutra Barbell

Our first seminar in Scotland at Results Gym in Aberdeen on Saturday 20th January 2018, 9am till 12pm.
Spaces are limited to a maximum of 10 people and payment secures places.
Cost for this in depth seminar with top level coaching is £70.
Please be sure of your ability to attend as payments are non refundable.
Places are booked directly via James & Kirsten at Kama Sutra Barbell.

To book a place, contact Kama Sutra Barbell directly.